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Range Reels to Launch the First Original Concept Fly Reel in a Long time

A fly reel is just a fly reel, right? Well, yes...and a big no.

If you do a deep Google search for fly reels, you will see a ton of reels that are mostly the same. The biggest differences in today's modern reels is the marketing force behind each individual reel as well as the final price each fly reel demands. It's hard to find a fly reel from a respectable company that doesn't offer a good quality sealed drag of some sort. Most higher end fly reels are full CNC machine made. It's the aesthetics of the final design that is the selling point that really sets most fly reels apart.

Most say buy the best fly reel you can afford, but they are just glorified line holders. Well, yes. However, with the Avail from Range Reels, they cover the "what if" of fly fishing.

Sealed Carbon Fiber Drag

Speaking of drag, the Avail offers a sealed carbon fiber disc drag attached to a full CNC machined performance aluminum frame. This drag system may be overkill for most applications that a fly fisherman may face, but what if you need it on that fish of a lifetime? The slow start up and fast brakes will handle that 30-inch brown or 20-pound steelhead on a drag screaming run deep into your backing. For most fly fisherman, they rarely use their drag on any fish on any given day on the water. However, with the Avail, you'll thank us later when the need shows itself.

Grooved Saddle Spool

In what is the biggest advantage to the Avail from Range Reels is the grooved out saddle spool. In recent years, many fly reel companies have started implenting a V cut in their spools. This allows for more space on the reel, but it can also create line backing up on top of itself and clogging on the spool. We fixed this issue by creating a saddle, which seems to be just common sense. What this does is allow the backing to fill the saddle leaving only the fly line to lay on the spool. The end result is many more yards of backing being able to be added to the reel, plus even, smooth line flow off the reel. You may never need all that backing you can now put on your reel, but what if a giant fish decides that you do? Thankfully, the Avail has you covered.

Hex Head Screw Design

The Avail also features hex head screws that hold everything together. Why? Well, let's be honest for a second. Have you ever taken your reel apart to do any maintenance? Maybe, cleaning them real good at the end of the season? Have you ever stripped a screw while taking your fly reel apart or putting it back together? Good luck taking it apart next time. With hex head screws, they are simply stronger and any standard Allen wrench will be all you need. As we found, this is just common sense.

The Price

A fly reel is a reel, right? Well, as you can see, the Avail is clearly different. Therefore, you might be thinking this reel is going to cost a ton. Well, no. Every Avail is built and produced through a partnership between Range Reels and a Canadian manufacturer who oversees the production. Each Avail is made through parts and pieces from the US, Germany, Japan, and China. Every part in the reel was sourced based on the best available components that are available for that specific part or piece. The end result is a fly reel that is priced at $239 for full retail with a 10 year warranty that won't let you down.

The full launch of the Avail will happen in March of 2021 with deliveries to fly shops and retail stores. Direct sales will be available on A presale is going on right now with significant discounts available to those who take advantage of this option.

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