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Range Reels

Range Reels is a new and original fly reel company specializing in common sense designs with a performance focus. Based in Noblesville, Indiana, Range isn't new to the fly fishing arena. Actually, it's an offshoot of Walton Rods, also of Noblesville, which is a performance fly rod company that enjoys a true global reach. As a natural progression, branching into fly reels just made sense.

Have you ever found yourself on the water contemplating all the "what if" scenario's that often come up when fly fishing? What if you hook into a big fish that takes all your backing because you know you don't have that much on your reel? What if your drag is a little tight and that first big run might break the tippet? What if you have to do some maintenance on your reel? Can you even figure it out? It was for all these reasons that Range exists. We are happy to have taken all the guesswork out of a fly fishing reel by providing reels that are just common sense for any fishing situation you may find yourself.

With every reel we make, you can expect to find our signature grooved spool that will hold more backing than any other reel in their class. You can also find a sealed carbon fiber drag system that starts slow and evenly applies the breaks to protect even the most sensitive tippet. You can also find hex head screws that allow the easiest disassembly and reassembly of any fly reel you have fished. The bottom line is we didn't reinvent the fly reel, we just listened other's feedback, took our collective knowledge, and made fly reels better.

Range Reels is co-founded, owned, and operated by Mike Malchow, Brad Smith, and Keri Asher. We can't thank you enough for putting your trust in us and for the opportunity to be a part of your fishing journey.

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