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The Avail is coming soon!

When passion fuels the design process, great things can happen. Creativity can flourish with advancements in technology. After endless nights of talks, sketches, text messages, and quarrels; an innovative design concept was finally agreed upon. Something unique and special had finally been constructed.

The Avail is a fly reel that not only satisfies the need for standing up to harsh environmental changes, but is also functional, practical, and humble in its approach. Whether it be out in small mountain streams or large coastal waters, the Avail will stand up to anything you can throw at it. The Avail challenges the status quo of what the industry has long determined to be “quality” by providing a fly reel that is functional, long lasting, and affordable.

High grade single piece aluminum created through a proprietary cold forging process is the central cog of what makes the Avail so special. The fully sealed carbon fiber drag system is a work of art that features a slow start up to protect tippet but then effectively puts on the brakes to slow down a fish with big shoulders out in fast moving currents. The mid-arbor design allows for fast line pick up in a moments notice to get the tension needed to keep a fish on during the fury of a quick strike.

Perhaps our favorite feature is found in the spool itself. We have crafted a mid-valley groove that holds all the backing, instead of taking up valuable reel space. Finally, hex screws were used throughout for ease of use in reel maintenance. Lifelong quality, practicality, and performance was the ultimate goal with the Avail. As soon as you get it out of the box, you’ll see we did it.

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