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Avail Fly Reel Black

Avail Fly Reel Black


Beatiful, elegant, classic, but yet still cutting edge and foward thinking - but not in black! These are just a few of the words and phrases people have used to describe the Avail. Designed in Indiana and built through a Canadian partnership, this is a fly reel that will stand up to any fish, at any time, in any condition from freshwater to the salt, all over the world. 


  • 5/6wt - 5.6ounce, 1.06" spool width, 3.38" spool diameter, 150+ yards backing space
  • 7/8wt - 6.4 ounce, 1.10" spool width, 3.77" spool diamter, 175+ yards backing space  


The Avail is available direct, but also in select fly shops all over the world. Come see why this reel is so special.