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Mike Malchow

Co-founder and President

Mike Malchow has been an avid outdoorsman fishing and hunting for the last 30 years. Fishing has taken him across the country from Southern Florida to Ontario and from the Carolinas to Montana, all pursuing his passion of fishing. Mike is a veteran serving 11 years in the 75th Ranger Regiment. His goal after leaving the Army was to continue pursuing his passion of fishing.

He now finds himself in Colorado pursuing every species of fish the West has to offer. His favorite type of fishing is any freestone fishery where he can chase trout. He loves the dry fly but gets just as much excitement hefting big streamers chasing big brown trout.

Mike is the lead designer for Range Reels. 

Keri Asher

Co-Founder and Operations Mgr

Keri Asher has dedicated her life to the outdoors industry. Growing up in Oklahoma, she quickly fell in love with every outdoors pursuit the Sooner state had to offer. From there, she now lives in Colorado and has worked an elk, mule deer, and turkey guide as well as recently earning her oar certification.

These days Keri is traveling all over the US chasing as many fishing and hunting pursuits she can find. From Great Lakes steelhead, Florida Bass, all the trout species of the West, and even up into Canada, she is force to reckoned with.

Keri is responsible for ensuring all of our paperwork is in order. She also makes sure orders are on time and everything is working as it should be. Keri is also a part of the design process for every reel. 


Brad Smith

Co-Founder and GM

Brad Smith has worked in the outdoors industry for most of his life. Growing up in Indiana, fishing opportunities weren’t readily available. However, an early life of guiding and tournament fishing lead him to being an outdoors writer with over 1,000 paid publications to date.

Brad didn’t just stay in Indiana though. He has fished all over the world, from ocean to ocean. He has also fished with and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Brad handles the day to day operations of Range Reels.

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